Terms and Condition

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Please read these Terms carefully before using our website or requesting the provision of our Services.

Please read these Terms carefully before using our website or requesting the provision of our Services.

1. The Company Papoulakis Yacthing located at Thessaloniki Greece provides yacht charters By booking a service or perform a transaction in any of these Services, you (henceforth referred to as “Client”, shall have automatically accepted the terms mentioned herein, confirm that you have fully understood them and have agreed to all of them.

2. Services provided by Papoulakis Company All the information and details of Services provided are described on the website https://www.papoulakis.gr. provided the following Services under the following terms and conditions:

3.Clients are responsible for providing accurate information during the booking process. Following booking arrangements with Papoulakis Yachting Company a Charter Party Agreement must be signed for the successful completion of the booking.
4. Requirements to book for chartering a boat
According to the Greek Sailing laws you need at least one official sailing license in order to take over a Bare Boat.

5.As a sailing license the Greek Port Authorities recognize any sailing license or certification from a sailing school, a yacht club or any relative organization is defined as the appropriate documentation officially recognized in the charterer’s home country.
ASA & RYA certifications are fully recognized.
A sailing experience declaration may be required by the local port authorities for the skipper and co-skipper.
Papoulakis Company reserves the right to decline a sailing license not recognized or accepted by the Greek Port Authorities. The co-Skipper can have similar certification to the skipper.

6.The Company Papoulakis Yachting reserves the right to oblige the charterers hiring a skipper if any doubt as to their sailing skills arises during embarkation and reserves the right not to allow saili when it understands that customers do not have the necessary experience to drive the boat

7.In bareboat charters at least one sailing license must be sent to us along with the booking confirmation.
– The license must be in English language or translated and suitable for specific yacht.
– Day skipper license is not accepted by Greek authorities.
8. Skippered / Bare Boats
If you do not have any qualifications and you need a skipper, our company can provide a professional skipper for as many days you wish. Also, a skipper can be hired even if you are an experienced sailor with sailing skills but you require your sailing holidays to be more relaxing and want to benefit from the skippers local knowledge. The skipper fee is always agreed beforehand and in writing and must be fully paid upon embarkation.9. Boarding a yacht
There is a standard procedure that should be followed when taking over a bare boat. The check-in takes place at approximately 17.00 o’clock on the first day of charter. The check-out is arranged at about 09.00 o’clock in the morning on the last day of the charter period. Usually the charter starts and ends on a Saturday and lasts for 7 days, 14 days, or multiples.

10.The check in-out of our yachts will be done by an experienced person together with the skipper of your yacht.
Keep in mind that you are responsible for returning the yacht at the pre-agreed place and time. Extra charges apply for the late return of the yacht pursuing to the Charter Party Agreement.

11, Insurance Payable at base or charge/binding of the customer’s Security deposit, by credit card (compulsory): yachts up to 40’: 2000 € -yachts more than 40’: 3.000 €

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the booking up to 60 days before the departure date, you will have to pay the50% of the total amount of booking. If you cancel the booking prior60 days before the departure date, you will have to pay 100% of the total amount of booking.If we manage to find another client for the days you want to cancel the booking, we will return you 100% of your payment.